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School Kindness Pantry scheme

This is a Be Kind initiative where we have approached several local schools in Solihull with a proposal to help assist families who are struggling to feed their children that attend the school. 

The objective for the Kindness School Pantry is to help families struggling at this very difficult time with the ever-increasing cost of living crisis. There are currently seven schools on board where we have installed Kindness School Pantries within the school premises. The pantries are managed completely by the Family Support Workers assigned to the school. Be Kind support the initiative by providing each school with enough supplies to start them on their journey. 

How Be Kind are supporting the School Kindness Pantry

We hold regular meetings with the Family Support Workers to find out how the pantries are running. Everyone agreed they are working well in supporting the families. It is the responsibility of the of the Family Support Workers to decide what supplies are distributed to the families that they have assessed. Access to the Kindness School Pantry is restricted and managed solely by the Family Support Workers to prevent any disproportionate use.

Be Kind has allocated volunteers from the Be Kind volunteer team to support the Family Support Workers with the School Kindness Pantry project. The volunteers distribute food supplies when we receive a request from the school and often purchase items that are in popular demand and assist with any special requests. 

School Kindness Pantry

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